How can I share this film with other people?

After recording your voice, you can send the film to your parents. They will get a unique link via email. When they click this link, they will go to our website, where they can view the film and share it easily via social media.

When is a new film coming out?

As soon as possible. We are searching for partners who want to help come up with new adventures and make new films.

How are the reading levels in ‘Panic in Hamsterdam’ determined?

The story was written in cooperation with Iedereen Leest (Everybody Reads). We respected the basic guidelines laid down in the well-known AVI system (Analyse van Individualiseringsvormen/Belgian Analysis of Individualised Education) in this regard. This means that three levels were determined. The higher the level, the more complex the words. For example, you’ll notice that a sentence with a ‘higher’ level will contain more words and more syllables.

Is it true that I can’t do the voices for the fox, the beaver, and the baker?

Yes, it is true. For now, you can only do the voices for the wrappers.

For what ages is the app appropriate?

The app is intended for young readers, specifically kids between the ages of 6 and 9. But don’t let this stop you if you’re a little bit older because everybody can have fun with Dubable!

Can I do the voice for a wrapper with a ‘higher’ reading level?

Of course! We encourage you to do so. After a few good practice runs, you’ll be able to do the voices for the wrappers with higher reading levels in no time.

Is the app available in other languages?

Not right now, but we are in search of foreign partners to make the app available in other languages eventually.

What is the connection between Dubable and the Jeugdboekenmaand (Youth Book Month)?

Both the Youth Book Month and Dubable focus on reading fun. That’s why we felt this month was perfect for launching our app. Plus, Everybody Reads, the organiser of the Youth Book Month, helped Dubable to determine the reading levels that were used in the film.