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Learning to read…

… isn’t always easy and can be especially challenging for the youngest children. Studies have shown, however, that reading aloud is an effective method for learning to read better. That’s why we at Ketnet wanted to find out how to encourage budding readers to read aloud.

Dubable, the app that makes reading aloud even more fun!

The Dubable app has interactive animated films in which kids can record themselves reading the lines that represent the Ketnet wrapper’s voice.

In the 3 episodes of Dubable first film ‘Panic in Hamsterdam’, the Ketnet wrappers are searching for their pet hamster, who appears to have disappeared on Sarah’s birthday. Now, thanks to Dubable, your child can star in this real adventure!

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    How does it work?

    1. Pick the episode that you’d like to do the voice for.
    2. Pick the character you want to play based on your reading level.
    3. Start the recorder and read the character’s lines aloud.
    4. Watch your video, and share it with your parents and friends.

    Reading levels

    Three different reading levels have been included in the “Panic in Hamsterdam” storyline. In cooperation with Iedereen Leest – we have respected the basic guidelines laid down in the well-known AVI system (Analyse van Individualiseringsvormen/Belgian Analysis of Individualised Education). This system – which is also applied in Belgian primary schools – splits up texts by level of difficulty and determines the child’s reading skill.